• What is the purpose of the review?

    The review will consider how well positioned the National Bowel Screening Programme is for successful delivery, the robustness of the invitation process, and how lessons learnt can be applied to ensure a safe and successful roll out of the national programme.

    It will consider a broad range of factors, including information technology, DHB capacity, operational management and clinical matters.

    The review will not look at evidence for the effectiveness of a population-based bowel screening programme. The benefits and harms of bowel screening at a population level have been shown through clinical evidence and New Zealand-based evaluations of the bowel screening pilot.

    More information about the issues around invitations to the bowel screening pilot is available on the National Screening Unit website.

  • Who will be included as part of the review?

    The review team will consider relevant documentation, held by the Ministry of Health and district health boards (DHBs) relating to the pilot and the programme; will interview former and current Ministry and DHB staff; and will talk with representatives of other government agencies, consumers and others as necessary. 

  • How can I/my organisation be part of the review?

    The review panel will invite around 40 individuals and organisations to be part of the review process based on questions arising from the documentation review and recommendations from the panel and key stakeholders.

  • How are consumers being involved in the review?

    The review panel intends to engage with consumers who have been involved in the screening process through focus groups in the pilot district.

  • What will happen to the report?

    The report will be provided to the acting Director General of Health who will consider the findings. The Ministry of Health will develop an action plan for implementation, as part of the on-going roll out of the National Bowel Screening Programme.

    The report will be released by the Minister of Health.

  • Can I get a copy of the report?

    If you would like a link to the report once it is released by the Minister of Health, please contact info@hqsc.govt.nz, with ‘Copy of bowel screening report’ in the subject line.

Further information

Last updated 20/04/2018