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Thanks for getting them talking!

7 Apr 2017, Other Topics

The Commission would like to extend our thanks to all who got involved with Conversations that Count Day on 5 April.

Free pressure injury seminars featuring Professor Keith Harding

11 Apr 2016, Other Topics

These free seminars will suit health care management, nurses, doctors and hospital health care assistants, and provide high-level ideas, thoughtprovoking approaches and world-leading advice about preventing pressure injuries.

Workshop with Associate Professor Jeanne M. Huddleston

22 Mar 2016, Other Topics

The Health Quality & Safety Commission, in partnership with the Health Roundtable, will host Jeanne Huddleston from the Mayo Clinic to deliver a full day interactive workshop on improving reliability of systems to detect and rescue deteriorating patients.

Preventing pressure injuries in New Zealand

21 Jan 2016, Other Topics

The Health Quality & Safety Commission, ACC and the Ministry of Health have released a report that looks at the economic and social harm caused by pressure injuries.

10 Sep 2015, Other Topics

December 2014 'Let's Talk Triggers' out now

10 Dec 2014, Other Topics

The December 2014 edition of Let's Talk Triggers, a quarterly newsletter from the Commission's Global Trigger Tools programme containing updates, trigger tool tips, featured articles and other items on patient safety.

WDHB's head nurse welcomes care survey findings

13 Aug 2012, Other Topics

This media release from the Whanganui District Health Board shows how Wanganui Hospital is making good progress in seeking to understand how falls, pressure injuries, incontinence and malnutrition affect our population and how risks can be minimised.