Te Ara Whakapiri updated – guidance for the last days of life

10 May 2017 | Other Topics

The Ministry of Health’s Te Ara Whakapiri, principles and guidance for the last days of life (2015) has been updated to include a toolkit.

The guidance document, endorsed by New Zealand professional health organisations, outlines the essential components and considerations required to promote quality care at the end of life for all adults in New Zealand.

The new toolkit is a set of checklists, flowcharts, tools and patient resources to be used for individual patients at the end of life. It includes:

  • a baseline assessment and care-after-death checklist (Care in the Last Days of Life)
  • ongoing plans of care (Ongoing Care of the Dying Person to be used in health care settings and Home Care in the Last Days of Life to be used in the person’s home)
  • the Recognising the Dying Person Flow Chart
  • a list of principles for general medical management planning (Medical Management Planning – General Principles)
  • the Bereavement Risk Assessment Tool
  • a Discharge Checklist (for people going home to die)
  • symptom-management flow charts (covering pain, agitation, delirium and restlessness, nausea and vomiting, excessive respiratory tract secretions and dyspnoea/breathlessness).

The toolkit also includes information for patient/family/whānau as needed:

  • When Death Approaches
  • Dying at Home.

The resources are available on the Ministry of Health’s website.

Last updated 16/05/2017