In September 2011, the Health Quality & Safety Commission announced the establishment of the Quality and Safety Challenge, a pool of funding to improve quality and safety in three focus areas.

The Challenge provided seed funding for small-scale projects, which were able to be completed within the 2011/12 financial year, and which would otherwise be unlikely to be funded. An important driver for the establishment of the Challenge was to build awareness of the Commission in the health sector.

The three focus areas were:

  • improving patient safety
  • fostering quality improvement
  • improving consumer engagement.

Of the 90 proposals received by the Commission, 27 projects were funded, ranging from $10,000 - $115,000. A full list of the accepted projects can be found on the projects page.

On 25 September 2012 the Commission held the Quality and Safety Forum which brought together 21 of the 27 project teams to give a high-level overview of their projects – their objectives, successes and findings.

Commission General Manager Karen Orsborn and Deputy Chair Dr Peter Foley opened the forum.

The Challenge created great awareness of the Commission as well as filling a need within the health sector. It offered a unique funding opportunity in targeting smaller but strategically important quality improvement initiatives.

Projects contributing to quality improvement and patient safety were particularly well represented. The projects have contributed to establishing knowledge, identifying system improvement and creating a culture of quality improvement.

Read about the projects, and view their presentations from the Quality and Safety Challenge here.

Last updated 29/09/2015