Engaging consumers in your work

Below is a collection of helpful links and resources to help you engage consumers in your work.

If you have any feedback about this information, or any suggestions about what you’d like to see added, please contact the Partners in Care team by emailing consumers@hqsc.govt.nz.

Our consumer network

The Commission has a consumer network which provides strategic guidance to the Partners in Care programme, and is involved in all of the Commission’s work programmes.

Consumer representation

‘Establishing a patient and family advisory council is an effective way to create a formal structure to seek and incorporate patient feedback on an ongoing basis.’ [1]

The Health Consumer Council National Collective is a network consisting of consumer council chairs, members and staff involved in supporting and developing consumer councils.


Read more about 'co-design Partners in Care', including:

  • programme web sessions
  • co-design project case studies
  • NHS resources
  • research articles
  • other information

Patient experience

  • In August 2014 the Commission introduced an inpatient survey to collect and measure patient experience information on a regular basis. Patient experience measures are now routinely in place for hospitals.
  • In December 2014 work began to introduce patient experience measures for primary care using online patient surveys. The new survey, which is now being used in a number of PHOs, was developed to find out what patients’ experience in primary care is like and how their overall care is managed between their general practice, diagnostic services, specialists, and or hospital staff.
  • The Partners in Care programme is using the results of the inpatient experience survey to design small scale interventions to address the lower scoring areas. Over time this will be broadened to include the primary care survey, and other relevant patient experience data capturing mental health, aged care and community health. 
  • Find out more about the patient experience.

Consumer Stories

Browse our library of videos to hear consumers and consumer representatives talking about their experiences, including:

  • Commission consumer network members
  • Commission consumer representatives
  • Māori responsiveness
  • patient, consumer and family/whānau stories
  • provider and personal stories
  • show & tell symposia.


[1] Health Research and Educational Trust. 2015. Partnering to improve quality and safety: a framework for working with patient and family advisors. p6. Chicago, IL: Health Research & Educational Trust. URL: http://www.hpoe.org/resources/hpoehretaha-guides/1828 (accessed June 2015). 


Last updated 14/12/2021