Are you a ‘health consumer’?

The Health Quality & Safety Commission defines a consumer as a person who has accessed or is currently using a health or disability service, or is likely to do so in the future. Read more about consumer definitions.

As a health consumer, you have a unique viewpoint on the services provided by the health and disability sector in New Zealand. Your experiences mean you can provide valuable input on how services can be improved, where priorities should be set, and where quality issues have arisen in the delivery of health services.

Consumer engagement is a process where consumers are empowered to participate in decisions about the treatment, services and care they receive. It is most successful when consumers and clinicians demonstrate mutual respect, active listening and have confidence to participate in full and frank conversation. Systems that support consumer engagement actively seek input from consumers and staff at all levels of an organisation.

How can you help?

Use the resources and links below to find out about how you can become more involved as a consumer in the health and disability sector.

Consumer Stories
Co-design approach

Last updated 14/12/2021