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Health Quality and Safety Indicators – Call for feedback

29 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

We'd like your feedback on the initial set of Health Quality Indicators. The indicators are a set of high level measures which provide the public and the health and disability sector with a clear picture of the quality and safety of our health services.

How can health care organisations become more health literate?

14 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

This report, published by the American Institute of Medicine, discusses the growing recognition that health literacy depends not only on individual skills and abilities but also on the demands and complexities of the health care system.

Shared health information seminars

23 Jul 2012, Partners in Care

The National Health IT Board is raising awareness around the sharing of health care information by holding series of community seminars to get the public's feedback on future changes.

Improving health care through the use of co-design

4 Jul 2012, Partners in Care

This paper from the New Zealand Medical Journal describes how co-design methods can be used to improve patient experiences and services within health care organisations.

An invitation from the Chief Executive

1 Jun 2012, Partners in Care

Commission Chief Executive Janice Wilson invites you to read and respond to the summary of our ‘Partners in Care Framework’.

First meeting of the Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group

23 May 2012, Partners in Care

The inaugural meeting of the Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group was held in March. The group has been set up to provide advice on the support, recruitment, development and training for cancer consumer representatives across the cancer spectrum.

Rima Rudd2
Health Literacy: From discussion to action conference

1 May 2012, Partners in Care

New Zealand's first conference focussing solely on health literacy. The conference has been organised by Workbase and includes keynote speaker Dr Rima Rudd from the Harvard School of Public Health.