Health excellence awards for consumer collaboration (Health Link North, in collaboration with Waitemata DHB)

16 Jan 2014 | Partners in Care

Health Link North, in collaboration with Waitemata District Health Board (DHB) staff, were recipients of two Waitemata DHB 2013 health excellence awards for the development of new consumer information and resources.

Health Link North is contracted by Waitemata DHB to provide health literacy reviews, consumer representative training, and networking and engagement opportunities within Auckland North.

“Health Link North has had the opportunity to collaborate on two valuable projects which have had benefits for patients, their families and whānau," says Anne Curtis, Community Engagement Coordinator, Health Link North.

The first award, excellence in compassionate patient support, was received for the poster ‘Finding your way in the elective surgery unit’. Health Link North worked with DHB staff and consumers to provide clear, consistent, accessible signage using international symbols and culturally appropriate symbols for a new large elective surgery building.

A second award for excellence in consumer engagement was received for the poster ‘A joint effort – improving patient information for hip and knee replacement surgery’. The poster was the result of collaboration between Health Link North, its health literacy volunteers and Waitemata DHB clinical staff.

“Waitemata DHBs new elective surgery centre provided an opportunity to review, rewrite and resdesign the existing outdated patient information booklets to improve the consistency of information,” says Ms Curtis.

Health Link North health literacy volunteers and DHB orthopaedic pre-admission nurses, nurse educators and physiotherapists were all involved in reviewing and updating the booklets.

“Patients are now provided with quality information and diagrams that will assist with their journey from preadmission to recovery at home.”

Imelda King, community engagement coordinator at Waitemata DHB, says the DHB is very appreciative of the consumer voice in ensuring information for consumers is clear and easy for everyone to understand.

“These two projects clearly show how working together creates better outcomes for everyone.”

Last updated 27/07/2017