New consumer engagement resource in development

2 Dec 2014 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is working with a new national steering group to develop and establish a consumer engagement resource for district health boards (DHBs). The resource, due for completion in June 2015, will provide support and guidance for DHBs to engage consumers at governance, policy and service delivery levels across the health and disability sector.

Claire Booth, coordinator of Partners in Care at the Commission, says a number of DHBs are already working to engage consumers and have created some good local resources.

“We are aiming to develop a practical guide, combine existing resources, and showcase the DHB initiatives already underway. This will help those DHBs who are just getting started with consumer engagement activity.”

A consumer and provider from each region have attended a face-to-face meeting and a teleconference to progress this work. The regional representatives are now liaising within their regions to get a sense of what is already happening in consumer engagement.

If you have information on how consumers and DHBs are working together or know of any helpful resources please contact your regional representative.

The regional representatives are:

Jenni Michel: (consumer)
David Lui: (consumer)
Alan Davis: (Northern DHB)

Wendy Entwistle: (consumer)
Denise Aitken: (Lakes DHB)

Graeme Norton: (consumer)
Leigh White: (Hawke’s Bay DHB)

South Island
Traci Stanbury: (consumer)
Tim MacKay: (Southern DHB)

For more information about this work please contact Claire Booth, Partners in Care Coordinator (, 04 901 6049 or 021 814 319).


Last updated 02/12/2014