Māori talk about their health experiences

17 Dec 2014 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has partnered with Te Awa Hauora Marae at Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (DHB) to develop a series of Māori health-focused videos.

In the videos, four people share their experience of both working in a health service and being a patient or whānau of a patient. They range from individuals that have received treatment themselves through to people that have supported their loved ones through their treatment for a health condition.

The participants work within a Māori health service so the videos include views both as a consumer and provider of services.

The videos explore the importance of relationships with whānau when working with Māori consumers, cultural considerations for health providers, and how to work with patients and whānau.

A beautiful waiata by kuia (Māori elder) Ira Te Au can be heard throughout.

The videos are presented as four individual stories, and also as shorter clips edited into themes. The themes are:

  • looking after Māori in hospital
  • one Māori voice
  • Māori cultural practices
  • communicating with Māori in a health setting
  • whānau support in health care
  • health literacy among Māori.

Dr Chris Walsh, Director of Partners in Care at the Commission says these videos are a reminder to understand and respond appropriately to the cultural needs of Māori who work in and use health services.

“Emphasis is placed on the need to work with whānau when delivering health services. Health professionals will find practical tips on how to do this by watching these videos, and listening to Māori,” she says.

An introduction and glossary of terms for the videos has been provided by Dianne Wepa, Senior Clinical Workforce Co-ordinator – Māori Health at Hawke’s Bay DHB.

The full series of videos are available here.

Last updated 24/02/2015