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Stocktake and Needs Assessment of Consumer Organisations, Groups and Individuals

11 Jan 2012 | Partners in Care

This report presents the results of a research programme that was completed, between June and October 2011, to assist the Health Quality & Safety Commission develop a directory of consumer organisations, groups and individuals undertaking consumer representative roles in the health and disability sector, and to conduct a stocktake and needs assessment survey of these organisations, groups and individuals.

The Commission will use the results of the stocktake and needs assessment survey and the directory to inform its planning and decision-making with respect to: 

·       promoting and enabling connections or communications between services and consumers

·       profiling and helping to identify support groups for consumers to access

·       providing a place for professional associations and societies to access consumers with an interest in their issue/discipline

·       assisting/enabling the integration of consumers into service design and development.

Word and PDF versions of the report are attached below, along with the questionnaire.

Last updated 29/02/2012