IAP2 annual co-design symposium

23 Jun 2015 | Partners in Care

IAP2 is hosting its annual New Zealand engagement symposium in Auckland on 22 and 23 July 2015 at the Heritage Hotel.

The theme is 'Co-design, Collaborate and Connect' – enabling us to co-create our future. The symposium will consider how organisations work in partnership to develop plans, make decisions and improve services while considering new ways of understanding and connecting with our communities. It’s about breaking down the traditional barriers between decision-makers and community members or service users, to allow for the co-creation of outcomes.

Co-design: Examples of organisations developing outcomes with their customers and communities, rather than for them, to improve the customer experience and make better decisions. What worked? How did they do it? What were the advantages, issues and impacts?

Collaborate: As 'collaborate' becomes a more commonly used word in relation to public and stakeholder participation in decision-making, we discuss projects and organisations which are partnering with iwi, businesses, government agencies or the public from the beginning, in each aspect of decision-making. In this context, how are they finding the journey from issue identification through to selecting an appropriate solution?

Connect: How do we understand more about the communities we want to engage with, so that we can connect with them in the right way and at the right time? How can we develop meaningful relationships with our partners to enable us to connect more effectively?

The full programme is available on the IAP2 website.

IAP2 is an international member association which promotes and improves public participation and community engagement in issues which affect the public interest throughout the world.

Last updated 23/06/2015