Co-design evaluation report now available

20 Nov 2015 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission contracted an external evaluation of the 2014–15 co-design programme. The evaluation is now available as a summary or detailed report.

The evaluation:

  • describes the challenges and solutions, developed by participating teams, to increase engagement of consumers in co-design of health services
  • describes how co-design is being embedded into daily practice
  • identifies opportunities to increase sustainability of co-design
  • determines the level of support provided to team members and how this impacted on team's achievements and learning experiences
  • gives simple and effective advice for engaging consumers in co-design.

The Commission’s co-design programme was established in May 2012. It provides opportunities for consumers and providers to work together on projects to improve service delivery, using the co-design methodology and tools.

The 2015–16 programme is underway, with two district health boards taking part.

Last updated 20/11/2015