Consumer focus for Patient Safety Week grand rounds

18 Dec 2015 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission offered district health boards (DHBs) a consumer-focused grand round as part of Patient Safety Week 2015 (1–7 November).

The grand rounds were an opportunity for the Commission to talk to DHBs about the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of consumer engagement. They took place between October and December in 11 DHBs and included a presentation by the Commission’s Director of Partners in Care, Dr Chris Walsh.

Approximately 400 participants, mainly nurses and clinicians, were reached.

DHBs were able to showcase their own consumer engagement projects during the presentations. Tauranga Hospital, for example, is using patient experience surveys to undertake improvement projects.

Dr Walsh says that there are a number of DHBs working on consumer-focused improvement projects.

‘We would love to see DHBs sharing their ideas for consumer engagement initiatives, so that others can learn from these.’

Patient experience surveys were discussed, with a focus on the lowest performing domain nationally – communication. Survey results have shown little change in the area of patient communication over five quarters of data.

‘We asked attendees to consider the reasons why patients may be unhappy about communication during their stay. Patient feedback is in the areas of medication, discharge information and family/whānau involvement in their care,’ says Dr Walsh.

Attendees talked about there not being enough time to give information about medication side effects to the extent they would like to, and patients don’t always remember everything they are told. The ways in which this information is provided was identified as an area for improvement.

Overall the consumer grand rounds were very successful and prompted discussion and debate. We would like to thank the quality and risk managers and staff who hosted these visits.

Last updated 18/12/2015