Consumer reports from the 2016 APAC Forum

13 Oct 2016 | Partners in Care

Three members of the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s consumer network attended the recent 2016 APAC Forum in Sydney. Te Rina Ruru and Courtenay Thrupp were sponsored by the Commission as part of our focus on consumer Māori leadership development and Renee Greaves attended as a consumer host for Ko Awatea. Each member has written a short report of their experience.

Te Rina Ruru

Attending the 2016 APAC Forum as a consumer delegate was an absolute privilege and it encompassed both inspirational and educational speakers.

Consumers at 2016 APAC forum

From front: Renee Greaves, Courtenay Thrupp, Vicki Culling and Te Rina Ruru.

I learnt how to better communicate consumer perspectives to health care workers, as the experience gave me a better understanding of the challenges health care workers face.

Janine Shepherd’s personal story and the ‘storytelling’ session resonated with me as I am true believer of the impact of patient stories.

Overall, the entire APAC experience was incredible. Thank you to the Partners in Care programme and the wider Commission for the amazing opportunity!

Courtenay Thrupp

The 2016 APAC Forum was amazing! As a member of the consumer network, I was extremely humbled to be asked to attend and I felt tremendous pride representing the Commission. 

What a privilege it was to meet such a diverse range of people and hear some truly inspirational stories. The indigenous health session was particularly valuable and keynote speaker Janine Shepherd’s story provided me with hope and positivity about my own journey.

I had an exceptional time and look forward to using some of my learnings to contribute to our consumer network and the community. I would very much like to thank the Commission for this opportunity, it was a life changing trip and I am extremely grateful.

Renee Greaves

APAC was a great opportunity to network with global innovators and leaders; I had the opportunity this year of hosting and supporting 16 consumer delegates from across New Zealand and Australia.

Throughout the conference we raised awareness of consumer engagement and co-design, bought a different perspective as a team and challenged the status quo.

Highlights included the opening plenary about having great care everywhere, discovering your ‘Everest’ and how you can start to conquer it and understanding your why, for example, ‘What is the reason you’re passionate about your work in health care?’. This really struck a chord with me.

Janine Shepherd’s powerful account of her experience, the defiance she showed in her personal journey, and what she has gone on to achieve since was remarkable. This made me reflect on the personal defiance I hold, my personal why and personal journey, and how our experiences as consumers can be powerful and help us tackle the Everest challenges in health care for the good of all.

Being a consumer and patient leader at a conference like APAC is a great experience because it provides the opportunity to show that equal partnerships can be created. I had the opportunity to demonstrate this in my presentation ‘Co-design-A future you cannot create without staff and consumer partnerships’.

The variety of delegates and content at APAC is key to its success and I really enjoyed attending.

Last updated 13/10/2016