Sponsorship opportunity - Would you like to attend New Zealand’s first Health Literacy Workshop?

13 Mar 2012 | Partners in Care

As part of our work around Consumer Engagement, the Health Quality & Safety Commission is sponsoring 15 people to attend New Zealand’s first health literacy conference. It is being organised by Workbase New Zealand and will be held at Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland on Tuesday 1 May 2012.

Find out more about the conference here.

The Commission is sponsoring attendance for people from each of these categories:

• primary health care – pharmacy and general practice

• mental health

• secondary health care

• aged care

• disability care.

The Commission will also sponsor people representing patient and/or consumer groups.

How to apply

Email us up to 200 words about why you would be a good person to sponsor. We are interested in your ability to:

• influence your peers, your organisation or services around health literacy

• action ideas across the sector about health literacy

• access other sources of funding for the conference.

Please include:

• your name and contact details

• the name of the organisation you represent

• your position there

 Please use the subject line: Health Literacy Conference.


Please send your information to us by 23 March.

We will get back to all applicants with our decisions on 26 March.

Last updated 09/05/2012