New resource for progressing consumer engagement in primary care

23 Jul 2019 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has launched a new resource to support primary care providers, alliances, and primary health care organisations (PHOs) to progress consumer engagement in primary care. 

Consumer engagement is an ongoing priority for the Commission; it is reflected in all of our work programmes and informs our five strategic priorities.

Dr Chris Walsh, director of the Commission’s Partners in Care programme says consumer engagement is pivotal to improving quality across the health and disability system.

‘Primary care is a pressured area of the system, but also one that has the most direct contact with communities.

‘As it is the first point of contact for many people, it is crucial that it takes on consumer engagement. The relationships established at primary care level have a lasting impact across the system.’

The new resource offers context, tools and examples for primary care providers, alliances, and PHOs to consider.

Since the publication of the last consumer guide (Engaging with consumers: a guide for district health boards), consumer representation at district health board level has increased steadily.

There has also been a resurgence of the community voice in mental health and disability. This resource now looks to crucial opportunities in the primary care sector to amplify the community voice and strengthen the overall health and disability system.

You can find the resource Progressing consumer engagement in primary care | Te whakakoke i te whai wāhi a te kiritaki ki te tiaki hauora tuatahi below.

Last updated 23/07/2019