First meeting of the Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group

23 May 2012 | Partners in Care

The inaugural meeting of the Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group was held on 29th March 2012.  This group has been set up to provide advice on the support, recruitment, development and training for cancer consumer representatives across the cancer spectrum. Membership of the group is made up of representatives of the regional cancer networks, NGO's and cancer groups and Maori. 

The Central Cancer Network is the lead network managing the Ministry of Health contract to undertake this work. At the first meeting the group reviewed the terms of reference and a work plan to promote CCR activity.  Newly elected chair Dr Chris Walsh says" the group is united in its desire to improve the representation of cancer consumers across the cancer spectrum and make a positive impact on cancer services."

The group will post its meeting minutes and provide updates via the regional cancer network web sites. The next meeting is set for June 28th in Wellington.

For further information about the group’s activities please contact the Chair Chris Walsh.

Correspondence can be sent to Stephanie Fletcher.

Back row: David Swallow, Chris Walsh, Raewyn Calvert, Jacqui Thomas, Kelvin Twist Middle row: Jenine Down, Rowena Lewis, Marj Allan Seated: Bubsie McFarlane, Milly Brown

Last updated 01/06/2012