Health Quality and Safety Indicators – Call for feedback

29 Aug 2012 | Partners in Care

The Health Quality and Safety Indicators are a set of high level measures which are designed to provide the public and the health and disability sector with a clear picture of the quality and safety of health services in New Zealand, including changes over time.

We are interested in your views on our initial indicator set, how these indicators could be used, and our overall approach to developing the full indicator set in the longer term. Your feedback will help shape this process and ensure indicator information will be applied to improve the quality and safety of New Zealand’s health services.

The first set of proposed indicators, has been released for consultation.

Information about the indicators is available on the Health Quality & Safety Indicators page of our website along with an online feedback questionnaire.

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire - your feedback is valuable.

Last updated 29/08/2012