My name is Gary Sutcliffe. I am in my early 60's, married with two children and three granddaughters. I live in Auckland and currently employed by Pathways, a national mental health NGO service provider. My appointment as a member of the Commission's Consumer Network is a result of over eight years working in the mental health sector and having developed a wide range of networks across the health sector locally, regionally and nationally.

My consumer perspective comes from lived experience of depression and anxiety and, at times, using mental health services. I have also experienced recovery with help from services and more importantly from other integral people in my life like family and close friends, a love of music, lots of walking, reading and doing word and number puzzles like Sudoku. I have become a strong advocate for the consumer voice and in capturing the patient/service user experience so that we can contribute effectively to improved health-related secondary, primary, NGO and community services.

Last updated 29/09/2015