Vicki lives in Wellington and runs a training business for health and caring professionals in the area of perinatal and infant loss and working with bereaved parents and families. Vicki has been involved with Sands, a national organisation that supports families following the death of a baby or infant, for over ten years. She is a bereaved parent herself, her first daughter was stillborn in 1998. She was fortunate to receive a Vodafone World of Difference award in 2006 and worked as Sands’ first full-time employee as National Projects Coordinator. Since then she has been involved in Sands nationally and locally - in providing support to parents and families, running support meetings, organising and providing training, setting up groups around the country, developing policies and working with government to see better support for bereaved families throughout the country (that part still needs lots of work!).

Vicki also works for the Medical and Dental Councils of NZ as a lay reviewer for their competency programmes. She was a member of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) for its first two terms and was a member of the Parent Advisory Committee for the International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) for six years. Vicki is keen to see more consumer contribution and collaboration across the health sector.


Last updated 03/08/2017