The Commission has produced a number of videos of consumers, including the stories of our current and former consumer network representatives. Use the links below to access the videos.


Consumer stories

Click on the portraits to view consumer videos about consumer engagement.

Consumer representative stories: Angela Litterick-BiggsConsumer representative stories: Beryl WilkinsonBob Buckham: A baby in hospitalConsumer representative stories: Carole JohnstonConsumer stories: Chris WalshVideo: David Galler talks about his mother's end of life careConsumer representative stories: Deborah DalliessiMy story: Gary SutcliffeConsumer stories: Gary SutcliffeHazel Smith's fall storyHelen McKernan discusses mother's hospital treatmentConsumer representative stories: Janice MastersMy story: Jordy JamiesonConsumer stories: Kula AlapakiConsumer stories: Kelvin TwistConsumer representative stories: Linda PenlingtonConsumer stories: Neelu MemonMy story: Robert SomervilleVideo: Ron Paterson shares personal experience of great hospital careMy story: Rowena MortimerConsumer stories: Vicki CullingVicky Culling: consumer story losing her babyWoman wearing a helmet smiles at the camera


Provider stories

Health literacy: Mary Roberts talks about health literacy in pharmacies
Consumer engagement: Partners in care framework
Hand hygiene: Clinicians talk about the importance of hand hygiene
Health literacy: Kathy Maxwell: Health literacy at Hillpark Pharmacy
Health literacy: Catherine Keenan: Health literacy in action


Show & Tell symposia

Opening address: Dr Janice Wilson
Presentation: Richard Hamblin discusses quality and safety indicators
Presentation: Hilary Boyd talks about co-design
Presentation: Janine Bycroft talks about patient portals
Presentation: Dr Lynne Lane presents the real-time feedback project
Presentation: Rowena Mortimer talks about being a consumer representative
Presentation: Nick White & Ruth Wickens present on consumer/provider co-design
Presentation: Graeme Norton discusses putting consumers at the centre of health care decision-making
Closing address: Leanne Te Karu


Māori responsiveness

"These videos, a series from the Health Quality & Safety Commission, are of Māori telling their stories about engaging with health care services.

The korero range from individuals that have received treatment themselves through to people that have supported their loved ones through their treatment for a health condition.

All of the participants work within a Māori health service so their perspective encompasses a Māori world view both as a consumer and provider of services. The taonga they have shared is considered a gift to us all working in health."

Dianne Wepa, Senior Clinical Workforce Coordinator – Maori Health

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Glossary of terms

Hapu: sub-tribe
Hauora: health
Himene: hymn
Hinengaro: mind; heart, conscience
Hui: meeting
Iwi: tribe; people
Kaitakawaenga: Maori liaison
Karakia: prayer
Kaumatua: male elder
Kaupapa: rule; basic idea; foundation
Korero: speaking; dialogue
Kuia: woman elder
Manaakitanga: hospitality
Marae: meeting house
Mawehe: be separated
Mihi: greet; admire
Paepae: orators; bench
Tinana: body, trunk
Tupapaku: corpse
Waiata: song or chant often following a speech
Wairua: spirit
Whānau: family
Whakamoemiti: prayers to give thanks
Whakapapa: genealogy; lineage; descent
Whakawhanaungatanga: relationships
Whare: house

Last updated 26/09/2019