Health and disability consumer representative training

The Commission has developed a comprehensive training package for facilitators to use to help health and disability consumer representatives prepare for their role. When integrated, the expertise, skills and perspectives of consumers, patients, carers, family and whānau can improve the quality and safety of our health and disability system.

It includes four training and education modules:

consumer training chart Oct 2018

Each module is designed to be delivered as a one-day training programme. The modular approach provides flexibility to adapt as needed, such as delivering two modules in one day if time constraints are a problem.

This training has been adapted from the New Zealand National Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group’s successful consumer training. It comprises of four training modules including notes for facilitators. The training has been developed to help consumers understand the health system, gain more knowledge about how to contribute at forums as a consumer representative on various groups and increase their confidence in the role.

Each module begins with goals for the day, and is accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, videos, articles and website links about the topic areas. Also included are notes for facilitators to help them prepare to deliver the training.


Please contact the Commission if you wish to use this training package or any of the material in it.

Last updated 08/11/2018