Finally, you need to review your testing and decide whether to do more, test something different or plan for the spread of the improvement.

[Side note] Messaging about Kōrero mai – what it is and how to use it, did not come through clearly to patients, family or whānau. The intervention that had the most impact were the stickers ‘you can talk to me’, and the language and messaging to talk to nurses about any concerns. For patients, nurses were the first port of call if there were concerns about a change in their condition while on the ward, doctors were the next choice.

Based on this feedback about how people would find out about a service like Kōrero mai in the hospital, our next phase will involve greater face-to-face communication about Kōrero mai and services available in the hospital. We will train nurses, reception staff and volunteers to communicate this. We will also put posters in places that visitors are more likely to read information such as whānau rooms, lifts and bathrooms. We will redesign the poster and the stickers to make them more visible. We will also print a business card for visitors to take away with them. (Waitematā DHB)

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Last updated 24/11/2020