Te Rā Haumaru Tūroro o Aotearoa | Aotearoa Patient Safety Day 2021 will be observed on Friday 17 September 2021.

The focus for 2021 is culturally responsive maternity care for whānau, to support maternal wellbeing and maternal and newborn safety. This aligns with the theme of the World Health Organization’s Global Patient Safety Day ‘Safe maternal and newborn care.’

This year the Health Quality & Safety Commission is producing three video case studies telling the stories of women whose culturally responsive health care made a huge difference to their experience of pregnancy and birth.
We will be providing posters, pens, a social media pack and the video case-studies for health care workers to view and promote. It is recognised that positive maternity care looks different for different people.

The aims for 2021 are to:

  • increase culturally responsive care to improve maternity care for all whānau and supporting pregnant women and people’s overall health and wellbeing during pregnancy
  • open the discussion to find out what pregnant women and people want and need
  • talk with patients and whānau about what is most important to them
  • raise health care professionals’ awareness of potential biases and how that affects care.

Resources will be distributed in late August/early September and the Commission encourages maternity providers to use the posters to promote an event, such as a staff morning tea, to play the videos.

More information about the WHO’s World Patient Safety Day can be found here

If you have any questions about this year’s Aotearoa Patient Safety Day | Te Rā Haumaru Tūroro o Aotearoa 2021, or would like to go on our mailing list about it, please email communications@hqsc.govt.nz.

Last updated 26/07/2021