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Great participation in Patient Safety Week 2017

23 Nov 2017 | Aotearoa Patient Safety Day

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Patient Safety Week 2017. The week, which was focused on medication safety, ran from 5 to 11 November and saw a record number of resources ordered.

The Commission and ACC developed three bilingual videos of health providers which have been used on social media. You can see the videos here or on the Commission’s Facebook page. By the end of the week, the videos had over 300,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares and views), with over 113,000 people viewing for at least 10 seconds.

There was strong media interest in the joint Commission and ACC media release about the medication ‘Triple whammy’ featured as part of the Atlas of Healthcare Variation Polypharmacy update.

Nearly 250 separate providers ordered Patient Safety Week resources, including every DHB.

Life Pharmacy Warkworth LR

Life Pharmacy Warkworth displays the pharmacy bags for Patient Safety Week.

With support from PHARMAC and ACC, over a million pharmacy bags were distributed by pharmacies during the week. The bags featured three printed questions consumers were encouraged to ask about their medicines:

  • What is my medicine called?
  • What is it for?
  • When and how do I take it?

Most bags had English on one side and te reo Māori on the other, while 50,000 had English on one side and Samoan on the other.  Promotions also took place on Māori and Pacific media.

An evaluation of Patient Safety Week is underway and will be published in the Commission’s website in December.

Last updated 27/11/2017