Patient Safety Week | Wiki Haumaru Tūroro update: 2 September 2019

2 Sep 2019 | Aotearoa Patient Safety Day

The focus of this year’s Patient Safety Week | Wiki Haumaru Tūroro (3–9 November) is understanding bias in health care. We would like to thank our partners ACC and PHARMAC for their support, and also district health boards (DHBs) and other providers for working with us to promote this important kaupapa. In contrast to last year, this year’s budget has primarily been focused on developing high-quality videos, rather than a wider selection of resources. We would appreciate your assistance in promoting the videos as widely as possible throughout the health sector.

We would also like to note that this will be the last Patient Safety Week held in November. From next year, New Zealand will be aligning with the new World Health Organization Patient Safety Day on 17 September.

Summary of Patient Safety Week 2019

Theme Understanding bias in health care
When Patient Safety Week, 3–9 November 2019
Focus Three video modules on bias
Audience Clinicians in primary and secondary care, medical colleges and associations, DHBs and PHOs, NGOs, allied health, anyone in health care who interacts with consumers.
Purpose To encourage health professionals to examine their own biases and how they affect the health care they provide, and their interactions with consumers. There is a particular focus on ethnic bias.

Available for Patient Safety Week 2019

What About Access
Three video modules on understanding bias in health care 
  • There will be three videos focusing on: Understanding and addressing bias; Te Tiriti o Waitangi, colonisation and racism; and Experiences of bias.
  • Each modules comes with questions for viewers to answer if they wish. Once questions related to all three videos are answered, a certificate can be generated (helpful when applying for professional development etc points).
Will be available free on the Commission’s website.
Posters encouraging clinicians and others to view the videos and examine their own biases. Two versions
  • Version one: Generic, encouraging staff to view videos.
  • Version two: Can be adapted (eg, if your DHB/PHO/organisation is holding showings of the videos during PSW; time, date and venue details can be added).
Available to order free from through the Commission’s website. Ordering will open in late-September with delivery mid-October.
Experts to talk about bias
  • The Commission will fund one expert on bias to come to each of the four regions to present. DHBs/PHOs/providers will need to organise venue, attendees, any catering etc. The Commission will fund the attendance of the expert, including travel and accommodation costs.
  • Note that we have already had expressions of interest in this offer from individuals from some DHBs. We will be in touch, connecting you with those from the same region who have also expressed interest.
Regions who wish to develop an event and have an expert presenter please email Falyn at
Promotion/social media content
  • We will provide you with content to use to promote the videos to staff, as well as social media content.
  • The Commission will promote the videos nationally to medical media, national health stakeholders, colleges and associations, NGOs etc.
  • We are also considering doing a twitter chat.
  • Messages and social media content will be emailed to stakeholders by early October
  • Twitter chat to be confirmed
Web pages on bias
  • At the end of October the Commission will launch web pages with further information on bias including links to medical colleges and associations’ cultural competency information, health literacy information, further learning about bias.
Will be live from end-October

What we need from you

Please let us know:

  • if you would be interested in hosting an expert to talk about bias in your region during PSW
  • if you would like to contribute guest blogs on bias from clinicians or consumers, to be featured during and around PSW.

Further updates on PSW will be provided through the website and update emails. If you have any queries, please contact

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Last updated 20/09/2019