PSW 2017 in the community

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Counties Manukau HealthCMH PSW 2017 Poster

Auckland DHB

  • AuckHos PSW17 5Poster board/desk, with posters, PILs, yellow cards, and other information, manned with pharmacist or nurse at peak times Monday-Friday
  • Quiz on ‘Med Safety’ on desk with prizes
  • Loop video on large screen in main thoroughfare atrium with quiz question and other medicine safety information
  • Best ward display competitions with posters and leaflets on wards and units
  • AuckHos PSW17 4Information in online newsletter
  • Screensavers on every screen, starting a couple of weeks before
  • Stickers to be given to every member of staff on wards
  • Poster board outside out-patient pharmacy
  • Selfie competition
  • Good examples of prescribing on wards (competition)
  • Bags with logos

Waitemata DHB

  • WDHB PSW 2017 tray matWDHB PSW 2017 tray mat (also available in public areas as take-home resource)
  • WDHB PSW 2017 screensaver (three images run on a loop)
  • Launch of our new patient safety film
  • Grand Round two weeks before PSW, covering

    • Informed choice and 

      importance of communication on medications and their side effects (patient story and experience)
    • Integration (case study from clinical leader)
    • Reconciliation (case study from anaesthetist)
  • Stands with take away information for the public (see attached pictures) at North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals
  • International speaker (see attached flyer)
  • A presentation on Medication Safety for a Waitemata DHB consumer group
  • PSW Medication CardNew Medication Safety cards – available in English, Chinese and Korean. Also being translated by our Maori and Pacifica teams
  • Use of ‘Happy or Not’ terminals for the month of November asking the question ‘How comfortable do you feel asking staff questions about your medicines?’ to understand the consumers viewpoint

PSW Happy or Not

Midcentral DHB

Midcentral DHB had a successful Patient safety week, with a range of activities and promotions through the week. One activity was the photo competition, with the pharmacy character named 'Casper the Capsule'.

MDHB PSW photo comp1 MDHB PSW photo comp3

MDHB PSW photo comp5

Taranaki DHBTDHB DUMP poster

Whanganui Regional Health Network

Patient Safety Week – Whanganui Medication Safety Promotion with Pak’nSave Supermarket

Supermarkets are an important part of the medicines supply chain that facilitate affordable and easy access to general sales and complementary medicines and supplements.


PHO-based Clinical Advisory Pharmacists Fiona Corbin & Sala Tiko-Temo with Whanganui Pak’nSave employee Tom.

Last week during Patient Safety Week, Whanganui PHO-based Clinical Advisory Pharmacists partnered with the local Pak’nSave Supermarket to promote medication safety.

This involved having the pharmacists stationed in the health and beauty aisle near the medicines displays, engaging with customers selecting medicines and delivering medication safety messages and answering questions. The promotional paper bags were given out with medicines safety brochures to consumers who were encouraged to use the bags to return unwanted, unused and expired medication to community pharmacies. 

Over the five days spent in-store, we engaged with over 200 individuals, couples and parents with children.

Several themes emerged from discussions including; the relatively higher cost of accessing medicines through the health system compared with supermarket and the gaps in health literacy relating to medicines and safety.

We were able to deliver medication safety messages and advice to consumers who indicated they do not normally engage with health services.

Health Navigator websiteHealth navigator

As part of Patient Safety Week, the Health Navigator website has created a number of topics around medication safety

  • Questions to ask about your medicines
  • Medicines – when can problems occur
  • Medicines – safety tips
  • Taking many medicines – polypharmacy
  • Medicines – a guide for older adults
  • Side effects of medicines
  • Difficulty swallowing medicines  
  • Medicines and driving
  • Tips to remember to take your medicines

Whanganui DHB

South Canterbury DHB


Hawke's Bay DHB

Hawke's Bay DHB has used this year's theme combined with health literacy to build knowledge:HDHB collage

Gillies Hospital, Auckland

The Dispensary Ltd, Christchurch

  • The DispensaryWindow display
  • Ask patients the three questions of the campaign
  • Using the free paper bags and stickers, particularly the Hindi stickers.
  • A pharmacist talk at Maryville Courts retirement complex, about basic safety concepts, returning unused medicines, and asking questions. Any unused medicines will be assessed for Medical Aid Abroad

Grace Hospital, Tauranga

Nelson Marlborough Health

  • Communications: In the staff weekly newsletter, Health news (community newsletter), intranet, internet, Facebook, Health TV, Giggle TV and cinema advertising
  • Resources: Individualised posters to clinical areas using in-patient experience survey feedback, thank you cards, fridge magnets, TV / cinema advertisement, pens, E signature 
  • NMDHB PSW17 penWalking the talk
  • Quiz time ICU Quiz with a chocolate fish prize.
NMDHB PSW17 pink

Nelson Hospital Pharmacy team were all pink and all attitude taking every opportunity to talk to people about their medicines. “Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude” Miley Cyrus


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