Getting through together: Consumer perspectives

17 Nov 2020 | Aotearoa Patient Safety Day

Consumers of health and disability services talk about their experiences of health care during the nationwide lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This video has been produced as part of activity for Te Rā Haumaru Tūroro o Aotearoa | Aotearoa Patient Safety Day 2020. The theme is Getting through together | Whāia e tātou te pae tawhiti.

Our chosen theme for Aotearoa Patient Safety Day comes from Getting Through Together | Whāia E Tātou Te Pae Tawhiti, a national mental health and wellbeing campaign by All Right? – Community and Public Health (a division of the Canterbury District Health Board) and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Captions are available on the video in English, te reo Māori and Samoan by clicking the settings tab on the video, and an accessible transcript is available to download in English at the bottom of this page.

Last updated 24/10/2021