Partnership leads to pressure injury consensus statement

23 Nov 2021 | Pressure Injury Prevention

Eight organisations including the Health Quality & Safety Commission, have joined forces to endorse an approach to the treatment of pressure injury in spinal cord injury. The resulting consensus statement is on the ACC website: acc8305-pi-sci-consensus-statement.pdf.

The statement was developed recognising that a consistent approach to pressure injuries in people with spinal cord injuries was needed in Aotearoa New Zealand, due to the unique characteristics of this community, which create specific risks around pressure injuries.

ACC facilitated an expert panel to develop an evidence-informed consensus statement, which has been endorsed by eight organisations. 

People living with spinal cord injuries and their whānau are encouraged to use the consensus statement as an advocacy tool for the care they should be receiving. 

The statement also gives health care professionals (who aren’t specialised in pressure injuries or spinal cord injuries) the ability and confidence to adopt best-practice pressure injury prevention and management in their communities.

For more information: Helping prevent pressure injuries (

Last updated 23/11/2021