The pressure injury quality and safety markers (QSMs) are inhospital focused and reporting started in 2018–19. The data is reported to the Health Quality & Safety Commission by district health boards (DHBs) on a quarterly basis.

DHBs collect the data by audit of inpatients (with some exclusions, ie, patients in emergency departments, day-stay patients, patients on last-days-of-life pathways, patients in delivery suites, patients in acute mental health units).

They are used to demonstrate change (improvement) over time.

The pressure injury QSMS are:

  • process 1: percentage of patients with a documented and current pressure injury assessment
  • process 2: percentage of at-risk patients with a documented and current individualised care plan with specific pressure injury actions
  • outcome 1: percentage of patients with a hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI)
  • outcome 2: percentage of patients with a non-HAPI.

The same group of patients must be used for both the process and outcome QSMs.

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Last updated 21/06/2018