Primary care co-design programme 2020/21: is this for you? 

What are we doing?

You have probably heard the term ‘co-design’. It is more than a term, it is a method – if done correctly – that can improve the quality and safety of health services. 

This is an exciting opportunity for you and your service to take part in a programme which has been successfully delivered to dozens of services across New Zealand.  This is an interactive programme designed to work in partnership with your community and improve services together. The Health Quality & Safety Commission has collaborated with Dr Lynne Maher (Counties Manukau Health) for more than eight years to deliver co-design programmes in different parts of the health and disability sector.  

In 2020/21 the Commission’s primary care, Māori health outcomes and partners in care teams are collaborating to bring a co-design programme to primary care.  

The focus is for your service to choose a project that is important to you and the populations you serve, and which will focus on achieving equity in health outcomes. 

What will you gain from participating in the programme?  

The experiences that patients, family and whānau, the public and health care staff have when they receive or deliver health care services are a valuable source of information that can be used to transform services. Programme participants will increase their skills and knowledge in the following areas: 

  1. Achieving a deeper understanding of the co-design method, and how this evidence-based approach is applied in working closely with patients, whānau and families. 
  2. Awareness of a staged process to engage patients, capture their experiences of care, organise and identify themes for improvement and to co-design future services. 
  3. Increased knowledge in a range of specific service design methods including observation, shadowing, interviewing, emotional mapping and co-design. 
  4. Application of these methods through a specific project of choice, within the context of continuous quality improvement in health service delivery and patient outcomes.  

What does the programme consist of? 

  1. An initial engagement session with participants and service sponsors. 
  2. Two full-day workshops (beginning and midway). 
  3. Six webinars during the programme. The content will include a mix of teaching, learning and participant teams sharing their progress.   
  4. Site completion of case studies which will be reviewed by the programme facilitators with feedback provided to sites. 
  5. Coaching calls as required for participants. 

What is the time commitment and cost? 

After the initial engagement session in March or April (a session of about two hours), the formal programme will commence in August/September 2020 and run for seven months. It will capture the series of events and coaching sessions referred to above, and practical work will be required to be completed in your respective organisations focused on the chosen project.  

There is no financial cost to take part in this programme. Your contribution is staff time and organisation commitment to this programme. Support for a small amount of travel and airfares to attend the workshops may be needed (depending on where the workshops are held).  

An example of previous projects that have been worked on through our co-design programmes can be found here.

If you think this sounds like a good opportunity for you and your service, you can download the expression of interest form here.

Expressions of interest close on Friday 14 February 2020.

Successful applicants will be notified on Friday 28 February 2020. 

Upcoming webinars

Want to learn more? Two Q&A webinar sessions are being held next week:

  • Tuesday 4 February, 5pm
  • Friday 7 February, midday.

The webinars will take place via Zoom. Access the webinars here:

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