Tackling skin infections in a Pacific population

22 Jun 2018 | Primary Care

The Fono Jun 2018

Pictured: John Kennelly and Temasi Kitara from The Fono Health and Social Services.

The Fono Health and Social Services in West Auckland is one of the six successful initiatives supported by the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Whakakotahi 2018 project. Their project focuses on tackling skin infections affecting their enrolled patient population.

In addition to discomfort and time off from school or work, skin infections have led to high rates of hospital admissions due to cellulitis, septicaemia and bone and joint infections. They will work with the West Auckland Tuvaluan community and test a series of changes that will support prevention of skin infections and early identification and treatment.

This small close-knit community is relatively localised in West Auckland where there are high rates of skin infections, poverty and overcrowding. The Fono has a long standing and close professional relationship with this community and will be working closely with Tuvaluan community leaders, ministers, health care workers and media experts.

Project lead John Kennelly says the Tuvaluan community has a strong collective culture.

'One of our community's great strengths is its collective culture, which enables us to work together despite the serious financial challenges most of them face.'

Last updated 04/07/2018