Primary care quality improvement facilitator course

The Commission supports the development of quality improvement capability through the primary care quality improvement facilitator scholarship course (PCQIF). This course forms part of the Whakakotahi primary care quality improvement programme.

PCQIF is delivered by Ko Awatea, Counties Manukau Health with support from the Commission's primary care and building leadership and capability programmes.

It is designed for primary care professionals who have a major portion of their work focused on improvement, and aims to develop and expand on the quality improvement skill and knowledge needed to become an effective facilitator of change.

During the 10-month-long course, participants complete an improvement project that is strategically important to their organisation and to their patients/communities. They apply the theory and methods learned via workshops, webs sessions and assignments, run tests of change and implement some of these changes for system and process improvements.

PCQIF is designed to integrate learning and doing and develop critical thinking and reflection among participants. Projects are expected to deliver measurable improvements in the system or process that participants are working on. There should also be plans in place to monitor and sustain these improvements by the end of the course.

Each participant is supported by a project sponsor within their organisation and a project advocate, usually their direct line manager.

Last updated 08/03/2019