Whakakotahi 2019 – primary care improvement challenge

Thanks to everyone for your interest and applications for Whakakotahi 2019. Applications for next year have now closed. We’ll keep this page updated with progress as details become available.

  • What is Whakakotahi?

    Whakakotahi is a sector-led initiative to develop quality improvement capability in primary care.

    Applicants can focus on any facet, element or area of patient care they have identified as important to them and their patients/whānau/community, and one that they want to improve by participating in Whakakotahi.

    Applications must support the Commission’s three primary care strategic priority areas of equity, consumer engagement and integration. Equity will have an increased weighting for Whakakotahi 2019; projects will be selected based on a weighting of 50 percent for elements related to equity/improving Māori outcomes.

    We are excited to announce that we are partnering with PHARMAC for Whakakotahi 2019, which will see the Commission introducing a specific focus on eliminating inequities in access to medicines.

    PHARMAC logoThis is in line with the Commission’s increasing commitment to equity, and PHARMAC’s bold goal 1

    Three (3) of up to 12 selected improvement projects for Whakakotahi 2019 will have a medicine access equity focus.

  • What does Whakakotahi 2019 offer applicants?

    The Commission will work with the successful applicants on their quality improvement projects following a structure underpinned by the model for improvement.

    We will bring the Whakakotahi teams together for three group learning events for quality improvement teaching and workshops, idea sharing, and networking.

    Between these group learning events, the Commission’s quality improvement advisor will provide virtual and on-site support and mentoring to the improvement teams, as needed.

    Some funding will be available from the Commission to support each team’s improvement work.

    In addition, a scholarship will also be offered to enable one (1) team member from each of the successful Whakakotahi 2019 projects to participate in the 10-month-long primary care improvement facilitator course that is delivered by Ko Awatea.

  • Who could apply to be part of Whakakotahi 2019?

    All primary care providers were invited to apply including general practice, community pharmacy, Māori health, Pacific health and other primary care providers.

    We also encouraged applications from Whānau Ora provider collectives and other primary care providers without a general practice focus.

  • Why is Whakakotahi called a ‘challenge’?

    We all know that improvement work can be hard. The challenge part comes from applying for a place in Whakakotahi and for stepping-up to learn about and apply improvement science to improve the quality of patient care.

  • What is the Whakakotahi programme timeline?

    The Commission is committed to working with primary care providers to build quality improvement capability. After Whakakotahi 2017, 2018 and 2019, any future work will depend on how suitable the completed projects are to spread and scale.

    Whakakotahi is just the start. The Commission will continue to work with a range of primary care stakeholders to lay the groundwork for future improvement work in the sector, while we collectively and incrementally build improvement science capability and progress the Whakakotahi improvement projects.

  • Where can I go for further information about Whakakotahi?

    If you have any questions about Whakakotahi please contact John Kristiansen (project manager):

    Phone: 021 345 985
    Email: primarycare@hqsc.govt.nz

    You can also read more about Whakakotahi and the primary care programme in our original project charter.

Last updated 21/09/2018