Medicine access equity means everyone should have a fair opportunity to access funded medicines to attain their full health potential, and no one should be disadvantaged from achieving this potential.

PHARMAC is working to eliminate inequities in access to medicine by 2025 and partnered with the Health Quality & Safety Commission for three 2019 Whakakotahi projects as part of PHARMAC’s commitment to ensuring all New Zealanders have equitable access to funded medicines.

Whakakotahi is a great opportunity for PHARMAC, the Commission and key partners to learn about what works for patients, and better understand the barriers and challenges that lead to inequitable access to medicines. Barriers such as getting to a doctor, paying for medicines and understanding how they work are just some of the things that stop people from getting the funded medicines they need.

Read more information on PHARMAC’s commitment to medicines equity.

Last updated 17/09/2020