Caroline Gall

Caroline has recently been appointed to the position of Manager, Public Injury Insurance at ACC. This role covers the development of injury prevention programmes aimed at reducing the number of injuries that occur at home, during sport and recreation and as a result of medical treatment. Caroline is also responsible for facilitating ACC’s role as the lead agency for falls prevention under the New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy, and is involved with both the Steering Group and Working Group for the Strategy.

The work ACC undertakes in older adult falls is developed at a national level and delivered locally by community injury prevention consultants, or third party providers. One of the key target areas for ACC is older adult fall prevention with a focus on strength, balance and Vitamin D3 use among older adults in residential care facilities.

Caroline has worked for ACC previously in workplace injury prevention, community injury prevention and claims management. Prior to taking up this position, Caroline worked for the Housing New Zealand Corporation and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). At MSD Caroline led a team of professionals who were responsible for developing better services and products for older adults.

Last updated 29/09/2015