Judith Johnson

Judith is a Registered Nurse (RN) with extensive experience in education and aged care, including owning and operating facilities and holding senior management roles in large companies. She is currently a self-employed consultant and her core contract as clinical adviser to the New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) includes running an 0800 helpline for members and providing items for a weekly newsletter and other publications. Judith organises seminars for managers, RNs and carers in the sector, also presenting at these seminars and conferences.

In her education role, Judith makes falls prevention and harm reduction an important focus. Additionally, when she is in an advisory capacity for a site (either contracted directly or by a DHB to take over management if standards are a concern), measures to prevent falls are naturally a priority. She brings a quality systems perspective and experience in guiding sites in development of an effective falls prevention programme.

Working in aged care with a quality improvement interest means paying attention to falls prevention, but Judith became particularly motivated after her mother had a fall.

“My mother had a fall in her late 80s, fracturing her neck of femur. I witnessed the trauma and change of quality of life she experienced in the last year of her life following the fall.”

Judith’s role as clinical adviser to NZACA means that she is in contact with over 80 percent of the aged care sector nationally. 

Last updated 29/09/2015