Nicola Turner

Nicola Turner is General Manager of Enliven, Presbyterian Support Central (PSC). Initially an occupational therapist, Nicola has a Masters in Business Studies, and has been in health management roles for the last 23 years, working for the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and Hutt Valley District Health Board.

Enliven, PSC is a not-for-profit organisation that supports almost 1000 older people in aged residential care and over 4000 people at any one time in their own homes. Since older people are at greater risk of harm from falling, Nicola describes how this is a strong focus for Enliven:

“Enliven has a comprehensive approach for residents, which includes falls risk assessment and individualised prevention strategies which recognise the tension between a person’s independence and quality of life, and the provider's obligation to manage falls risk.”

Nicola was nominated to the EAG to represent the New Zealand Home Health Association (NZHHA), a membership organisation of home health providers which must be certified to the sector standard to gain membership. NZHHA members support approximately 65,000 people in their own homes, and while falls prevention is not explicitly covered in many contracts, there is potential to reach a multitude of frail older people who have identified disability.

Nicola is also able to link the Programme’s work with Presbyterian Support Services throughout New Zealand, the New Christian Council of Social Services and the Eden in Oz and NZ network.

Last updated 13/10/2016