Ngaire Kerse

Professor Ngaire Kerse is a general practitioner with training in geriatric medicine and a PhD from Melbourne University in health promotion for older people. She is Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care and Head of School of Population Health, University of Auckland, and runs a programme of research with the aim of preventing falls and improving quality of life for older people in all settings.

Her involvement in falls prevention is extensive.

  • At Auckland University she lectures medical students and registrars about falls prevention.
  • In Auckland and regionally, she provides continuing medical education on falls prevention and prescribing Vitamin D.
  • She is on the executive of the Australia and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society, and is an advisor on the ACC Fall and Injury Prevention Strategy Group.
  • Internationally, Ngaire is a member of the cochrane review group for falls prevention in nursing care facilities and hospitals.
  • She ran several trials of falls prevention for older people and collaborated on several others.

She led the Life and living in advanced age: a cohort study in New Zealand (LiLACS NZ) study which examines predictors of successful aging in Māori and non-Māori.

Preventing falls is important, Ngaire says “because staying upright maintains independence and quality of life in older people.”

Ngaire will be taking sabbatical until mid-2014, but continues to be available for expert opinion, with Honorary Research Associate Professor Clare Robertson joining the EAG.

Last updated 29/09/2015