Sandy Turnwald

Sandy is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in aged residential care in Clinical Manager and Care Home Manager roles. She currently holds a national role at Bupa Care Services as Deputy Director of Nursing, having been in a national Quality and Risk Management role with Bupa for seven years. She has a range of responsibilities including continuing education and professional development for qualified nurses; leading the Professional Development Recognition Programme and Competency Assessment Programme; clinical policy development and review and clinical support to care homes.  A key part of Sandy’s role has been to oversee the coordination of Bupa’s clinical incident data, ensuring this is collated accurately, analysed and benchmarked within the group.

Bupa is an international company providing a range of health services globally. In New Zealand, Bupa Care Services is a major New Zealand provider of aged residential care (3,600 beds nationally, including rest home care, hospital care, dementia and psychogeriatric services, mental health residential care and rehabilitation), retirement villages as well as some community based services supporting independent living. 

Sandy joined the expert advisory group mid-2014 as the nominee of Gina Langlands, General Manager – Quality and Risk, Bupa Care Services, who was a member of the expert advisory group from its inception until early 2014.

Sandy is passionate about reducing the use of restraint and has led a five year campaign to reduce restraint use across all Bupa care homes by more than 50%. This reduction has been sustained, and the falls rate has not increased during this period.

“As the largest provider of aged residential care in NZ, I am excited that Bupa has this fabulous opportunity to be involved in a national initiative to reduce harm from falls. This gives us the opportunity to share and influence the best practice within our own care homes and the wider aged residential sector.”

Last updated 29/09/2015