The Reducing Harm from Falls programme planned a number of initiatives for April Falls 2014, all of which supported three themes:

  1. Risk assessment – a few screening questions can help identify those older people at risk of falling so they can be targetted for a systematic assessment of risk factors
  2. Care planning – involves working with the older person and their family to put in place individualised interventions that address their risk factors.
  3. Safe care environment – essential elements which make the environment and care safer for all the people in your care, regardless of their individual falls risk.

The Ask, assess, act project supports the first two themes, and activities in regional falls networks align with the third theme of safe care environment:

  • Northern region and First, Do No Harm are focusing on falls related to bedrails.
  • Midland region is focused on safe footwear.
  • Central region is focusing on signalling for safe mobilising.
  • The South Island Alliance is focusing on safe care environments.

2014 April Falls initiatives

The second annual national April Falls Quiz ran from 10 April – 9 May and could be entered online, via your smartphone, or by freepost.

News: 2014 April Falls Update

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