Dr Frances Healey is a Registered Nurse (Adult, Mental Health) whose involvement in senior clinical and management roles in older person’s care (in acute general and mental health settings) led to an interest in falls as one of the most significant safety risks for this vulnerable group.

Dr Healey's leadership in national improvement projects at the National Patient Safety Agency and NHS, and publications on falls prevention, are relevant to New Zealand at both policy and practical levels – and she is keen to learn from the approaches we’re taking in New Zealand. We have referenced her publications in many of the 10 Topics in reducing harm from falls, recognising her expertise in bringing together evidence and advocacy for critical thinking and clinical judgement in relation to an individual.

The Frances Healey Reader

While in New Zealand, Dr Healey contributed to The Frances Healey Reader, key ideas and references for her publications and projects. It is essentially two pages of distilled wisdom from Dr Healey and her colleagues – and highly recommended as a comprehensive but brief overview on falls prevention in hospitals. Download a copy here.

Webinar with Frances Healey

At the end of a very successful week with Frances Healey, we asked Frances if she would consider hosting a webinar of her overview and insights on her visit. The webinar was promoted through regional falls leads and open to all interested parties.

The webinar was on 30 May 2014, and we have over 49 connections, including one from Australia. We had 49 connections to that webinar including one from Australia and we know that a number of small groups joined via one connection. The webinar included a Q&A around bedrails, signalling, the benefits of a fracture liaison service and communicating falls risk. A recording of the webinar is available below, or by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fsbb2LU5d8E.

Regional April Falls workshops

The Health Quality & Safety Commission hosted Dr Healey in three regional workshops for April Falls. Flyers, videos and presentations from each of the workshops, are available below.

For an interview with Dr Frances Healey, during her visit to New Zealand, click here.

South Island Alliance: 8 April 2014

Download the flyer here

Watch the video below for a presentation by Dr Frances Healey at the South Island Alliance workshop – Action in Falls Prevention.

Midland and Central regions: 9 April 2014

The Midland and Central region workshop included a number of presentations. Download the presentations, or watch the video of Frances Healey presenting at the workshop below.


Download the flyer here

Northern region and First, Do No Harm: 10 April 2014

Download the flyer here

The Northern region's workshop included a number of posters, presentations and videos. These materials are available on the First, Do No Harm website.


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