Update from the Reducing Harm from Falls programme

18 Dec 2013 | Reducing Harm from Falls

Thank you to everyone who has followed the falls focus in the Open for better care campaign – especially the teams which have trialled initiatives such as Ask, assess, act and the signalling system.

  • Ask, assess, act will be promoted again in 2014 in the light of what we learned from trialling these resources.
  • The resources for a system to signal level of assistance needed with mobility have been modified after trialling, and details of how to purchase them are on the signalling system order page, and the signalling system user guide and other resources can be downloaded here.

10 topics

Topic 9: Improving balance and strength to prevent falls will go live shortly, and Topic 8: Medicines: balancing benefits and falls risks will be available early in the New Year. Sign up here for alerts to the 10 Topics.

We are presenting Topic 5 After a fall: what should happen? and Topic 10 Falling into place: making sense of what you can do to reduce harm from falls in early 2014. These two topics focus on effective implementation of strategies to prevent falls and reduce harm from falls, and will support the April Falls events planned for 2014.

Access the Commission's 10 Topics here.

April Falls 2014

The overall focus for 2014 shifts from inpatient falls to preventing falls and reducing harm from falls in aged residential care. We will also be supporting the development and strengthening of regional networks across hospital, residential and community care. Issues in falls prevention for residential care and attention to local and regional networks will be supported in these two April Falls activities:

Visit by Dr Frances Healey

We are delighted to be presenting a series of regional workshops with Dr Frances Healey as part of April Falls activities in 2014. Frances is a patient safety advocate and leading researcher. She is currently working in the NHS and has a special interest in falls prevention in older patients and residents.

She was a lead clinician in the FallsSafe quality improvement project using care bundles in hospital wards in Southern England. We have cited her work in Topic 2: Which older person is at risk of falling? Ask, assess, act, and Topic 3: Falls risk assessment and care planning - what really matters? and the upcoming Topic 5: After a fall - what should happen?

Workshops for regional falls networks

8 April 2014: Southern Region

9 April 2014: Midland and Central Regions

10 April 2014: Northern Region

11 April 2014: workshop with Aged Care Sector leads hosted by Chief Nurse, Dr Jane O’Malley.

More details will be availalbe in the New Year. Please contact Julene Hope, Programme Implementation Manager (Julene.Hope@hqsc.govt.nz).

The second national annual April falls quiz

This competition will run again with similar prizes – except this time, only correct entries will go into the draw. The quiz will survey knowledge and attitudes about falls and falls prevention, and we’ll be able to compare the 2014 findings with the 2013 baseline results. We’ll be recommending that you review the published 10 Topics to be on top of the questions.

Christmas stocking filler

The Prevention of Falls Network Earth recently announced it was opening access to all – previously a paid membership was needed). Visit the ProFaNE website for a community of shared interest and great resources.

Best wishes from the programme team and expert advisory group.

Last updated 18/12/2013