Regions embrace April Falls 2014

12 Mar 2014 | Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's Reducing Harm from Falls programme is planning a number of initiatives for April Falls 2014, with a focus on regional engagement. Read more about the initiatives below.

Regional approach for April Falls 2014

The 2014 April Falls focus will run over the month of April with a variety of activities planned across the regional falls networks. Each region is focussing on a falls-related theme.

  • Northern region and First, Do No Harm are focusing on falls related to bedrails.
  • Midland region is focused on safe footwear.
  • Central region is focusing on signalling for safe mobilising.
  • The South Island Alliance is focusing on safe care environments.

Second annual national April Falls Quiz

The Quiz will run from 10–29 April and can be entered online, via your smartphone, or by freepost. The Quiz flyer will be uploaded to the Commission’s website here.

Promotion of the Quiz will begin on Monday 17 March – we ask that you promote this activity in your organisation by providing links to the flyer and/or printing copies to display in staff areas.

Dr Frances Healey visit and regional workshops

The Commission will be hosting Dr Frances Healey from 7–11 April 2014.

Dr Healey is a Registered Nurse (Adult, Mental Health) whose involvement in senior clinical and management roles in older person’s care (in acute general and mental health settings) led to an interest in falls as one of the most significant safety risks for this vulnerable group.

Frances’ leadership in national improvement projects at the National Patient Safety Agency and NHS, and publications on falls prevention, are relevant to New Zealand at both policy and practical levels – and she is keen to learn from the approaches we’re taking in New Zealand. We have referenced her publications in many of the 10 Topics in reducing harm from falls, recognising her expertise in bringing together evidence and advocacy for critical thinking and clinical judgement in relation to an individual.

Frances will be presenting at regional workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – workshop details are available on our website.

Ask, assess, act resources

A revised and reprinted Ask, assess, act (AAA) pocketcard will be printed and made available to the sector. An A3 poster is being produced to support AAA implementation and will be available to download from the website with a small sample supply distributed to accompany the resource.

AAA posters, will also be made available.

In addition to these items, the programme team is working on design concepts, and considering whether it can produce other resources to support regional activity, such as stickers and balloons.

Please note: Details of when and how all these items will be made available to the sector will be on our website by 21 March.

Dame Kate Harcourt story book and photo album

Dame Kate’s fall: two stories and a photo album for use in your local promotions will be available for download from our website by 28 March.

Regional roundups

Please send us your April Falls stories and photos, or better still, links to this information on your websites.

Last updated 13/03/2014