Whanganui DHB spreads the word on April Falls

28 Apr 2014 | Reducing Harm from Falls


From left: Maree Sheard (Associate Director of Nursing, Projects, Patient Safety and Quality), Margaret Gosnell (Nurse Educator), Anne Phoenix (Patient Safety and Quality Administrator).

As part of the April Falls programme, the Patient Safety and Quality team at Whanganui DHB have been busy distributing campaign material and information to raise awareness on reducing harm from falls.

Associate Director of Nursing Maree Sheard and her team hope to help patients, families and staff understand how falls risk assessments, care plans, education material and signalling tools relate to reducing potential harm through individualised programmes.

“We’re running an interdepartmental competition; the department with the highest proportion of staff to complete Topic One’s professional development activity, wins. People can use these colourful postal boxes for hard copies of questionnaires, or questionnaires can be completed online and sent to a special April Falls email address.”

The team has also promoted the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s April Falls Quiz around the hospital by distributing quiz posters.

Last updated 28/04/2014