Falls prevention toolkit featured in Best Practice Journal

24 Aug 2015 | Reducing Harm from Falls

To support the Reducing Harm from Falls programme’s expanded focus and engagement with primary care, a falls prevention toolkit has been developed in partnership with bpacnz. The toolkit is adapted from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resource – Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries (STEADI).

The latest issue of bpacnz's Best Practice Journal includes a feature article on the toolkit, which aims to assist health professionals to highlight the specific factors which may increase a patient’s risk of falling by introducing assessments, exercises and referral pathways to local programmes which can help reduce this risk.

The toolkit is intended to help primary health care professionals screen, assess and support older patients to prevent falls and maintain their independence. The stay independent toolkit includes a consumer brochure (patient self-assessment), poster and interactive forms and is available to download below.

Read the full article in the Best Practice Journal.

Last updated 24/08/2015