Commission’s falls prevention work profiled at international forum

13 Oct 2016 | Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s Reducing Harm from Falls programme had a poster accepted at the British Medical Journal International Forum on Quality and Safety in Singapore. Clinical lead for the programme, Sandy Blake, presented the poster on behalf of the Commission.

The poster outlined New Zealand’s achievements in reducing harm from falls, with a particular focus on fall-related harm in public hospitals. It also outlined the journey of the programme and its alignment to the New Zealand Triple Aim. Presentation of the poster and resources were well received.

Words from Sandy Blake

BMJ forum falls congratulations Oct 2016

‘I had the privilege of attending the Forum on behalf of the Commission and presented a poster titled Halving broken hips in public hospitals – the Aotearoa New Zealand experience.
Participants viewing falls prevention poster at BMJ forum

‘We received a lot of positive feedback on the poster, and many questions from people trying to understand which single actions have made the difference in reducing the number of fractured hips in public hospitals.

‘Most were looking for a "magical bundle of cares". The 50 USBs loaded with falls programme resources were snapped up in less than six hours. No other poster discussed a national approach to reducing harm from falls and there were no oral presentations on the subject.

‘New Zealand is in a position to share our learnings with other countries, as I believe we have a unique cross-sector model which can only improve as the integrated falls reduction and fracture prevention and management pathways strengthen.

Download the poster Halving broken hips in public hospitals – the Aotearoa New Zealand experience below.

Last updated 16/12/2016