Commission supports World Osteoporosis Day

13 Oct 2016 | Reducing Harm from Falls

The Health Quality & Safety Commission supports the International Osteoporosis Foundation’s World Osteoporosis Day on 20 October 2016, as part of its ongoing commitment to an integrated approach to falls and fracture management in New Zealand.

Partnering with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the Ministry of Health we endorse the theme ‘Love your bones: protect your future’ and BoneCare 2020, the Osteoporosis New Zealand strategy for hip fracture care and prevention for New Zealand.

BoneCare 2020 chart

BoneCare 2020: ONZ’s strategy for hip fracture care and prevention for New Zealand

World Osteoporosis Day calls upon the public to take early action to protect their bone and muscle health, and for health authorities and physicians to protect their communities’ bone health. This year’s awareness campaign focuses on opportunities to improve case finding of individuals who are at high risk of suffering fragility fractures.

These include people who:

  • have experienced a fragility fracture since their 50th birthday
  • are taking certain types of medicines to control other medical conditions
  • are living with certain diseases.

Secondary fracture prevention is a major focus for the Commission, Osteoporosis New Zealand and the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Epidemiological studies published over the last 35 years have reported that up to half of hip fracture patients break another bone in the months and years before breaking their hip.

Randomised controlled trials and Cochrane Collaboration reviews have demonstrated the effectiveness of a range of osteoporosis treatments to prevent secondary fractures. However, the majority of fracture patients do not receive the secondary preventive care recommended by clinical guidelines.

A thematic report released as part of World Osteoporosis Day also highlights that bone health assessment and management must be deployed in combination with interventions to reduce the incidence of falls. This is completely aligned to the reducing harm from falls programme led by the Commission, working in partnership with ACC, the Ministry and district health boards.

The Commission encourages organisations to look at how well they are responding to this need for integration across the falls and fracture care.

Further information on World Osteoporosis Day is available from the Osteoporosis New Zealand website at Osteoporosis New Zealand has also provided clinical commentary on the thematic report.

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