Falls programme results to be published in the New Zealand Medical Journal

24 Nov 2016 | Reducing Harm from Falls

Results of the Health Quality & Safety Commission's reducing harm from falls programme will be published in the New Zealand Medical Journal on 2 December 2016.

The reducing harm from falls programme has resulted in a nationwide reduction in fractured neck of femur from in-hospital falls, sustained as at June 2016 for six quarters. This reduction has also been shown in a 14 percent decrease to 30 June 2016 in the number of falls reported by DHBs as serious adverse events.

Serious adverse event reporting from district health boards (DHBs) brought in-hospital falls to the Commission’s attention when it was established in 2010. Falls in hospital leading to a broken hip (or fractured neck of femur) have devastating consequences for people, and can lead to increased length of stay in hospital, surgery, lasting effects on mobility, admission to residential care and sometimes death.

We publish the results and programme approach alongside an editorial from Dr Frances Healey, Head of Patient Safety Insight, NHS England.

‘The Commission’s initiative is the first in the world to describe credible reductions on a national scale in the most serious type of harm – the fractured hips from falls in hospitals that lead to long-term loss of independence for most patients who experience them, and are followed by death within weeks or months for too many,’ says Dr Healey.

Further updates will be posted on our Twitter feed @HQSCNZ and more information about the programme is available on the Commission website.

Last updated 25/11/2016